Corporate translations

Excelsior Corporate Solutions performs authorised translations for the following types of papers used in the relation with the local government or institutions – legal translations:

  • Translation of birth or death certificates;
  • Translations of marriage licences;
  • Translations of notary documents;
  • Translations of powers of attorney;
  • Agreements translations
  • Lawyers’ documents translations
  • Translations of documents issued by the court of laws

Technical Translations

Our centre relies on the idea that it is fundamental to translate the technical translations with maximum accuracy and particular attention to the details in order to render as faithful as possible the original technical documentation which your company submits for translation.

Along time, in this regard, we have selected authorized experienced translators, specialized in the technical area in order to perform authorized technical translations at the highest quality standards.

Excelsior Corporate Solutions commits itself to perform authorised technical translations from a wide scope of areas:

  • Authorised translations of tender books
  • Authorised translations of technical specifications
  • Authorised translations of user’s handbooks
  • Authorised translations of warranty certificates
  • Authorised translations of ISO compliance certificates
  • Authorised translations of ISO certification documentations
  • Authorised translations from IT sector
  • Transports translations
  • Food industry translations

Economic and Financial Translations

Excelsior Corporate Solutions team provides authorised translations specific for the following sectors: finance-banking, accountancy and stock markets, such as:

  • Translations of financial-accountancy reporting;
  • Translations of balance sheets;
  • Translations of annual financial situations;
  • Translations of economic and financial analyses;
  • Translations of banking letters;
  • Translations of reliability letters;

Medical Translations

Our centre provides the following specialised services in the medical translations area:

  • Authorised medical translations for the scientific and academic environments:
  • translations of medical articles
  • translations of dissertation papers from the medical area
  • translations of synthesis and abstracts for PhD works from the medical area
  • Authorised translations of medical papers:
  • translations of medical certificates
  • translations of medical reports
  • translations of admission files
  • translations of hospital discharge papers
  • translations of laboratory reports
  • translations of medical prescriptions

Marketing & Sales Translations

Excelsior Corporate Solutions experts who work in the specialised translation of a highly trade document with persuasive purpose give you the certainty that the translated document is both professional and strategically formulated.

Few of both corporate and other type of translations, we provide:

  • Translation of documentaries;
  • Translations of catalogues, brochures, flyers;
  • Translations of on-line texts using key-words for optimisation;
  • Translations of identity handbooks, products handbooks;
  • Subtitling;
  • Translations of site presentations, of website contents;
  • Translations of product, services, and companies presentations;
  • Translations of restaurants menus etc.

Literary Translations

Why going to experts for literary translations?

Starting from the punctuation marks and going up to usual phrases specific for a certain age or for a certain social group, each language has its differences and particularities. Therefore, the literary translations are the most complex type of translations demand a wide area of knowledge and skills from the translator.

The success of a literary translation is very important so that the translator must give the style and the atmosphere from the source text. These aspects must be found in the target text, both as message and as shape.

Excelsior Corporate Solutions experts use the attention to details and the creative experience, together with the literary intuition to give the stylistic characteristics specific for the author into the target language.

Translations in the Insurances Sector

The need for authorised specialise translations into this area shows up in specific situations such as sales, travelling, transport or prevention, for the insured persons, and in internal proceedings, reports, evaluations, insurance and re-insurance processes, investments or brokerage for the insurers.

Under maximum security, our centre’s team provides authorised services such as:

  • Translations for risks evaluation and management
  • Translations for reimbursement demands
  • Translations for implementing the management systems
  • Translations of reports for the Insurers’ Supervising Commission
  • Translations for internal and external auditing
  • Translations for insuring buildings and assets
  • Translations for vehicles insurance
  • Translations for insurance in case of persons’ injuries
  • Translations for insuring means of naval or air transportation
  • Translations for civil responsibility insurance
  • Translations for private health insurances
  • Translations for life insurances
  • Translations for optional private retirement fee

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