About Us

Excelsior Corporate Solutions was established with the very clear mission to offer to our business partners linguistic solutions of the highest degree for the main foreign languages

We are constantly looking to improve the quality of our services, to optimize our channels of communication, our internal procedures and work flow in order to answer to our clients’ needs, thus building long-lasting partnerships.

The quality of our services, our attention to details and a results-oriented attitude, together with a large variety of linguistic domains covered, they all recommend us as a relevant solution for the Romanian and international linguistic environment.

Our business partners’ requests are of utmost importance to us; this is why each project that we agree to undertake is closely monitored by a dedicated consultant, thus granting our customers full control over the entire process of execution.

Excelsior Corporate Solutions’ operational standards rest upon thorough project managing and attentive quality checks. Our project managers constantly make sure that, from the very first moment that the translation team is created and leading up to the completion of the order, your request is handled efficiently and on time.

Thus, in order to supply high quality services, we follow a very strict methodology based on careful control of all the steps of the process, including employing third party specialist consultants where such extra expertise is required.

Briefly, each order – regardless of its type – is considered complete once it has gone through the five steps of our work procedure:

  1. Assessment
  2. Documentation
  3. Project managing
  4. Check-up
  5. Finalizing the order

Our dedicated staff is at your disposal to supply translating and interpreting services, translator lease programs, linguistic auditing, linguistic consultancy and foreign languages training for areas such as legal, economic, financial, banking, automotive, IT, medical etc. We aim to assert ourselves as the optimal solution for solving your company’s linguistic needs through efficiency, cost balancing and reduced response time.