How we work

Excelsior Corporate Solutions lays at your disposal a team of professionals with relevant prior experience in the corporate world (in areas like technical translations of different domains, foreign languages training, linguistic consultancy etc), people with linguistic background in different Romanian and foreign academic environments, working together with native speakers proofreaders for the major foreign languages.

Our internal procedure was developed in order to resonate with the requests of the professionals in the Romanian and foreign business environment. Thus, each order is completed only once it has gone through all of the following steps:

1. Assessment

Our project managers come into contact with your company in order to establish your customer profile, upon which we shall base our future collaboration; here we take into account different elements such as domain of activity, linguistic necessities (target language/s, specific terms, additional materials etc) or logistic demands (deadlines, number of assigned translators/interpreters/trainers, technical solutions etc)

2. Documentation

As each domain of activity has its particularities, each order received is completed by purposely-chosen professionals, specialists in the language/terminology of the target domain

3. Project managing

Throughout our collaboration, your company benefits from a dedicated project manager, focused on solving any and all problems or additional requests as well as constantly updating the status of your order

4. Check-up

Each order is forwarded to the client only after it undergoes careful scrutiny

5. Finalizing the order

Excelsior Corporate Solutions wishes to be a constantly growing organization in order to be able to supply correct and efficient solutions to our business partners. In order to accomplish this we have implemented an integrated feedback system, which allows us to build statistics regarding the way in which our collaboration influenced and/or is reflected in your company’s activity.

This means that the unfolding of each project is periodically reviewed through different feedback measures, allowing our clients to express their opinion regarding our services, to quantify the way in which this collaboration improved their activity and/or to offer suggestions on how we can consequently improve our services.