Corporate Interpreting Services

Excelsior Corporate Solutions can offer specialized interpreters for a wide range of events, from business meetings and document signings to conferences, seminars, training sessions but also informal meetings all over Romania but also abroad.

We are actively involved in the setup of those events where our expertise and presence are requested, aiding your company throughout the preparations, ensuring upon request, for example, all the necessary technical support for a successful meeting. Our collaborators are highly skilled both is consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

What kind of interpreting services can we offer?

1. Consecutive interpreting

During these sessions, the interpreter conveys the message in the target language after the speaker offers his or her ideas. The duration of the gaps between the speech is mutually agreed by the speaker and the interpreter, thus ensuring the necessary fluency and accuracy. If the segments of the speech are too long, the interpreter can take notes which will help to convey the message correctly.

Examples: business meetings, factory visits, press conferences, teleconferences, training sessions, guided tours etc.

2. Simultaneous interpreting

Also known as headset interpreting, this form help speakers of various languages understand each other quickly and efficiently. The interpreter conveys the message in the target language almost at the same time as the speaker utters it. Usually, a simultaneous interpreting sessions requires placing the interpreter in a soundproof booth from where he can clearly hear the speakers, while wearing headphones, conveying the translation via a microphone.

An alternative form of simultaneous interpreting is called chouchotage or whispering. It is used for private or small number events – from our experience, maximum 8 participants. This method does not require any special equipment as it only involves seating the interpreter next to or behind the audience, from where he conveys the message in a low voice.

Examples: conferences, seminars, festivals, radio/TV broadcast, press conferences etc

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